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Who Are We 


The Say Something Collective charity is a new charity founded by multi-platinum musician V V Brown.


V V Brown grew up in Northamptonshire harbouring vivd memories of craving more from her creative community as a child.


As an adult V V spent a lot of time travelling the world. However, when she returned back to the place she grew up in, with the intent to to settle down and raise her family, she recognised that there still wasn't a lot of exciting projects that supported non-white, alternative communities. 


She set up the charity in 2021 and began a mission to use her platform to make a difference in her community.




We create incredible immersive experiences through music and visual arts concentrating on artists, communities and collectives who live in suburban areas.

Our mission is to use creativity to foster inclusive debate and dialogue concerning questions of identity, societal differences, and inequality.

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