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We are a creative charity based in Milton Keynes. We support marginalised communities outside big cities. We want to give specific communities, who aren't often given a voice, a chance to engage, develop and express their creative practice.


We curate, collaborate and produce incredible interactive exhibitions, installations, workshops and creative productions.

Our mission is to use creativity to foster inclusive debate and dialogue concerning questions of identity, societal differences and inequality.

Sociology + Art + Music + Culture = SS


Black British: Milton Keynes was a complete success! 

After a sucessful month of workshops our 10 poets put together an incredible perfromance at Milton Keynes Gallery. 


This demonstrate made a powerful impact. The artists that took part benefited alongside their families, local community and the wider community. The artists stated that they benefited from the contacts, experiences, skills and exposure, feeling a sense of pride and belonging.

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Making a difference with creativity at its core.

Our collaborators feedback is important to us

"A new creative charity that is very much needed for creatives who live outside bigger cities. There is so much fantastic ideas coming through. I am excited to hear and see more. I am looking forward to the "Black British workshop"

Dan Price Creative lead @ McCan group Milton Keynes

"What a fantastic project. Amazing ideas and so passionate about the cause."

Sasha @ Grantify

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